Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse

At the FABB Glasgow event a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive beautiful pink package from Cocoa Brown Tan. I had a night out last week and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to road test it! I was initially quite apprehensive because fake tan and I just don't get on. Ever. I don't wear fake tan very regularly so it's usually the last thing I think about before a night out when I realise that I'm getting my legs out but would prefer it if they didn't glow in the dark! I've tried a variety of formulas and brands but apart from Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion, I've not had much success so far.

Cocoa Brown was created by Marissa Carter and the product has achieved great success in Ireland. It is now available nationwide in Superdrug for only £7.99!
I am pleased to say that Cocoa Brown tan is very user friendly and different from many fake tanning products I have tried in the past. The tan comes out as a light mousse which is so easy to work into the skin with a mitt and is also very buildable. It dries really quickly meaning I can get dressed without worrying it will transfer onto my clothes or bed sheets if your applying at night. The scent is one of the first things I notice too since it doesn't smell of digestive biscuits! The mousse has a lovely floral smell which makes such a difference and I think it goes well with the gorgeous pink packaging.

It is perfect for people like me who don't wear fake tan often and are just whacking some on before a night out because its pretty much fool proof and develops a light tan in just one hour. For a deeper tan, the product can be left on for up to three hours and then it will stop developing meaning your not going to go out looking like snow white and end the night looking like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Although I have pretty light skin, I left the tan on for three hours as the first hour didn't make too much difference to my legs.
Here are the before and after shots which really don't do the tan (or my legs lol!) justice:

I found using the Cocoa Brown Tan enjoyable which is not a word I would associate with fake tan normally. It's just such a hassle and usually results in total disaster before a night out but not any more! The tan is meant to fade evenly but I was also given Cocoa Brown's 'Tough Stuff' which is a body scrub to help prepare the skin before tanning and to get rid of any old tan which may have out stayed its welcome. Seems like they have got it all covered!
You can find Cocoa Brown on twitter, Facebook and on their website.

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