Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Safe in the sun with SmartSun

At the beginning of summer I was contacted by Smartsun who kindly sent some of their UV indicator wristbands to try. They arrived just after I got home from our trip to St Andrews which is ironic really since I managed to get burnt while we were away! Smartsun are a Swedish company who are dedicated to helping people stay safe in the sun with the help of their one-use UV indicator wristbands. The wristbands change colour depending on your exposure so if it stays yellow, you are safe to stay in the sun. If the wristband changes to beige it means you need to top up your sun protection and if it turns to pink, it's pretty much an indication that that's the colour your skin will be shortly and it's time to find some shade!

I was sent a few wristbands so decided to use them to see what kind of exposure I got of the UV rays day to day as well as when I'm conscious of being in the sun on my day off etc. It is recommended we always wear sunscreen even when the sun doesn't have his hat on which is the majority of the time in Scotland but I'm quite lazy and don't apply extra sun protector anywhere and rely solely on the SPF in my make up.

To start with, I wore a wristband to work. Although I spend most of my day in the office, I do go out and about for lunch or to meetings and the post office so I was interested to see if this would build up over the course of the day. The wristband itself is really comfortable to wear and I forgot about it as I was working away at my desk. I was out and about for roughly an hour in total but my wristband never changed colour so I definitely missed out on the old vitamin D that day!

Unfortunately we have been having a typical Scottish July which means I haven't had much of an opportunity to see a change in the bands any time I have worn them.

The wristbands are of course not meant as a form of protection against the UV rays but should be used as a reminder and always worn with a high quality suncream. It's not something I tend to think about unless I'm going on holiday and know I'll be exposed to the sun for long periods of time but as the really sunny days are often few and far between, we often forget how much damage the sun can actually do to our skin. Below are a few facts around skin cancer - not to scare you but as a little nudge to keep it in mind:

-Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK
-7 people currently die each day as a result of skin cancer in the UK
-Over 80% of all skin cancers are caused by over-exposure to the sun and/or sun beds

Although I don't think I would wear one every day, I would definitely buy a pack to take away on holiday where I am likely to forget to reapply sun cream and/or burn. It's a fun way to get kids thinking about being safe in the sun and doing so from an early age gets them into that habit for later life.

The Smartsun wristbands are available in packs of 5 for £4.99 from their website and amazon.
You can find them on facebook, twitter and YouTube.

Would you wear a wristband on holiday?


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